Ironclad Bodywork was founded with the intent of providing the very best in innovative and problem solving massage and bodywork to our customers. We give 100% to every customer, every session
— Ironclad Mission Statement

Turning a dream into reality...

An open letter to our clients,

In December of 2014 we started thinking about our futures, the kind of careers we wanted and the kind of office we wanted to bring our clients to. We envisioned a place solely dedicated to the comfort and care of our clients and massage therapists. We knew we had to take our future into our own hands. We thought long and hard and agonized and stayed up nights planning and talking and dreaming and worrying. In the end Ironclad was born of hard work, sweat, tears and too many massage sessions to count. Our office has now grown from just the two of us massaging, answering phones, doing laundry and creating new massage and bodywork sessions to an amazing group of therapists and front desk staff. It is a little shell shocking at times to realize that our dream has now become a reality! We want to sincerely thank all of our amazing clients who supported us, spread the word, shared our Facebook posts, bought gift cards and were there with a listening ear or needed feedback (or chocolate)! Most of all, thank you for believing in us, for pushing us to always do better and know that you are the reason we are still happy to come to work everyday. As our careers transition from full time to part time massage therapists, we want to assure you that we will always be behind the scenes, making sure you still get the best care possible. That is our Ironclad Promise!

Much Love,

Mary and Dana