Terms & Policies



Ironclad Bodywork provides therapeutic massage therapy and soft tissue modalities. Any inappropriate behavior on the part of customers will result in the immediate termination of the session and the full payment for the session will be required before you exit the premises.  

● While we understand that situations do arise, we require 24 hours advance notice if clients need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  
● Due to high demand during the weeknights and weekends we recommend that clients find an appropriate day and time in their schedule to benefit from regular massage sessions.  
● Ironclad communicates in a variety of ways to remind clients of upcoming appointments. Clients receive an email reminder of your appointment 2 days before hand. Clients receive a confirmation call the day prior and an automated text message the day prior. This gives our clients ample time to adjust their schedule or appointments.  
Regarding keeping / losing your re-booking discounts: Clients will have one opportunity to reschedule an appointment and still keep their re-booking discount. We understand that life gets hectic. If an appointment is rescheduled a 2nd time it will result in the loss of the re-booking discount and normal rates will apply.

● Clients who repeatedly reschedule or cancel appointments will be required to prepay for all future appointments and online booking privileges will be suspended. Regarding no-shows: If a client no shows for an appointment they will be banned from online booking privilege and must call the office to schedule further appointments. If a client no shows for an appointment they will be required to pre-pay for all further appointments and that payment will be deducted on the day and time of the appointment regardless of whether the appointment was kept by the client.