For first timers - what you want to know!

Interesting name...what does it mean?

Our name is a promise to our clients. An Ironclad guarantee is one you can trust and believe in. We give our best to every client, every time. There is nothing more important to us than creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring.

What can I expect from my sessions?

Before your first session you will fill out a health history and questionnaire about your expectations. Your therapist will go over this in detail with you. Once you are on the table you can expect your first hour to be relaxing and a sort of "let us get to know your body" session. We will feel any old holding patterns and areas of tension in your muscles. After your session, we will chat with you about what we found and give recommendations for further work based on your level of stress and how you use your body.

Do I have to undress?

It's not completely necessary, but if you have had a massage before you will understand that it's easier for us to address issues this way. You are always in control of the session and if you're uncomfortable it is your right to say so. Proper draping with sheets and blankets will be utilized.

Does deep tissue hurt?

A deep tissue working pace is slow and deep. It should feel very relaxing actually and rarely uncomfortable unless we get into a really nasty knot. We slowly warm up the top layers and then sink to the area that needs help letting go. We encourage you to give feedback about what you are experiencing in your session!


My stress level is through the roof - can massage help with that?

Absolutely! We all need a grown up time out sometimes. Massage has been proven to lower blood pressure and release those feel good hormones that relieve stress and make you happy!

Recommendations for relaxation:

*Restore Session

*Retreat Sessions

*Hot Stone

*Warm Bamboo

*The Escape

*Cranial Indulgence



It hurts when I move - which massage should I get!?

We get this a lot. If you haven’t had a lot of massage before schedule yourself a 60/75 or 90 minute Restore Session and let your therapist take it from there.

If you’re a massage connoisseur then the guide below will steer you in the right direction!

For greater flexibility, range of motion and decompression: Around The World, Thai Massage, Barefoot Massage,

For Sinus Headaches, TMJ issues and Neck Tension: Cranial Indulgence and Retreat Sessions

For severe muscle tension all over: Hot Stone, Warm Bamboo (This is THE best)

For diagnosed and clinical needs of the lower body: Runner’s Rehab

For diagnosed and clinical needs of the upper body: The Off Switch

No other massage therapist is getting it right! Do you do XYZ advanced level massage at Ironclad?

Cupping: YES! (Dry or gliding cupping only)

Lymphatic: YES! (We have many certified therapists)

Medical Massage: YES!

Myofascial: YES!

Trigger Point Work: YES! (Almost everyone)

First Trimester Prenatal: YES! (It’s perfectly safe)

Thai massage: YES!

Barefoot Massage (Ashiatsu): YES!

Cranial Sacral: YES! (We have several therapists who love this work)

Active release and stretching: YES! (We include that in our normal sessions)

Neuromuscular therapy: YES!

Special Needs Populations: YES!

Reflexology: YES